Septic Installation Costs in Tampa, Florida

Septic system installation cost is one of the important factors in the decision process. However, don’t just rely on the bottom line cost. Make sure that the company you hire is providing you the best septic system product at affordable prices. At Southern Water and Soil, Inc., we provide our customers with information so that they can make educated decisions on the products that they are purchasing. SWS provides the highest quality products from suppliers such as Geoflow, Orenco Systems, Infiltrator Systems, Norweco, Tuf-Tite, PTI, Sta-Rite, Barnes, and Bear Onsite.

Chamber Technology installed for septic system in Tampa, Florida

Chambered Septic Drainfield

Infiltrator Systems, Inc., makes drainfield product that is cost effective and is designed to be durable and effective. Even in the toughest soils Infiltrator’s chamber systems provide effective drainage solutions. SWS provides affordable septic system solutions in Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, and Polk Counties. SWS is Tampa’s septic system experts.

Septic Tank Filter Installed in Septic Tank Access Riser

Septic Tank Effluent Filter

Don’t skimp on price or cost when it comes to a high quality septic tank filter. The septic effluent filter is one of the most critical components of the septic system. The septic system effluent filter keeps solids from exiting your septic tank and entering the drainfield. SWS uses filters made by Tuf-Tite, Orenco, and Bear Onsite. SWS provides cost effective and affordable septic system effluent filters and septic products.

Geoflow Drip System

Geoflow Drip System

SWS uses Geoflow’s drip irrigation products.¬†Geoflow products include Ultra-Fresh and ROOTGUARD, the ultimate product application for use in subsurface drip irrigation for wastewater disbursement.¬† We at SWS, Inc., can design and install a Geoflow drip irrigation system for your septic or wastewater project, helping you to save money, time, and the environment.

Infiltrator Drainfield

Infiltrator Tanks and Chambers

There are many factors that go into the septic installation cost. Factors that affect the cost of a septic system installation are seasonal high water tables, soil suitability, and the product chosen to be installed in the septic system. Water and soil characteristics can increase cost when septic sand has to be hauled in to build an above ground septic system. Call SWS to discuss your septic system options.

Bear Onsite Filters

Bear Onsite Filters




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